Enjoying Nepal Trip

Nepal is not a travel destination one often hears about. Known for containing Mount Everest and 8 of the world’s tallest mountains, the views and natural surroundings are absolutely breathtaking. Nepal is located in the Himalayas, bordered to the west, east and south by the Republic of India and to the north by the People’s Republic of China. Although it is not a common vacation destination, the pristine environment is sure to attract a lot of adventure junkies and nature lovers. With Nepal’s rich cultural history and religious influence, one should expect to see a lot of monasteries and temples visited by people from all over the world.

Amazing Leh Ladhakh Trip

Our trip to Ladakh was a long awaited one. And Bollywood movies only added fuel to the fire (enchanting scenes from 3 Idiots and Jab Tak Hai Jaan). So in the first week of May, We finally got the opportunity to travel to Ladakh – a trip that has given me memories worth a lifetime, a trip that has permanently inscribed startling sights of this enchanting place in my mind! We must say that even the road leading to Ladakh has its own appeal. When you’re about to reach Ladakh, the very first glimpse of this snow laden heaven brings a twinkle to your eyes! Just imagine looking down on a silent, placid, greenish blue lake – beautiful. It's a world of rugged valleys, snow-covered mountains, endless hills, barren lands, clean and curvy roads and the mystical Lamas where centuries old monasteries have still maintained their charm.

Memorable Thiland

Thank you to the entire Jyotiraj Team for yet another successful Thailand Trip. It is not at all surprising that you all manage to make such lovely and lifelong memories for people instead of just a holiday. We would like to appreciate the contribution of the entire Jyotiraj Team who have helped us at every stage of this tour. Thank you very much for giving us memories worth cherishing for a lifetime!!! We wish the entire Jyotiraj Team "All the Very Best" for all your future Success….

Rocking Trip Of Rajasthan

Jyotiraj Tours has been a reliable travel choice for us, all thanks to its amazing hospitality and interesting touring options. The experience with Jyotiraj Tours has always been awesome. We travelled to Jaypur and Chittorgarh from 17th June to 26th June 2016 and it was the loveliest and the best of all our tours so far. We enjoyed every moment of it. It was our second trip with Jyotiraj Tours. The best of local guides were arranged. The rooms allotted were spacious, well equipped with all the room facilities. The tour was full of travelling, fun and full of excitement. We would like to thank the entire Jyotiraj Team for providing us joy and happiness and beautiful memories. Wishing Jyotiraj Tours all the best and we hope to make more memories with Jyotiraj in future too.

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